UVPackmaster 2

An efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine

UVP Setup

If you want to use the UVPackmaster engine together with Blender follow the steps:

  1. If you are upgrading from an older add-on version go to Blender preferences and uninstall the previous version of the UVPackmaster add-on. After uninstalling it is recommended to restart Blender.

  2. Download the latest version of the UVPackmaster add-on for Blender 2.8x from the Downloads page (the add-on file name ends with blend2.8x).

  3. Install the add-on using the standard procedure for Blender add-ons.

  4. Purchase the UVP engine at gumroad. Note that the engine is required to use the add-on packing features in Blender (if you want to test the product before buying, use the free demo engine package available at the Downloads page). After purchasing, download an UVP engine package from gumroad. The name of the package follows a pattern: uvp-{EDITION}-{VERSION}.zip. Make sure you use the correct engine version. You can use any engine edition, but it will determine a set of packing features which will be available.

  5. Extract the engine package at any location convenient for you.

  6. At the top of the UVPackmaster add-on interface in Blender press the Select UVP Engine button (a small button next to the engine path field). A file browser will pop up.

    Add-on interface in Blender (engine not initialized). The engine selection button marked in red.

  7. In the file browser navigate to the path where you extracted the engine package and localize a file named release-{VERSION}.uvpini - select the file in the browser.

  8. The engine will be automatically initialized and you can immediately start using UVP packing features in Blender.

    Add-on interface in Blender (engine initialized).

  9. In order to make sure the new engine path will be preserved after Blender is closed go to the Blender Preferences window and click Save Preferences.

If you experience any issues with the procedure contact us at glukoz@glukoz.dev.

Setup UVP on a removable drive.

Problem: I want to keep my Blender installation as well as a UVP engine package on a removable drive. The problem is the path to the UVP engine changes depending on a system I plug the drive in. Can I avoid setting the path to the engine every time I run Blender on a different computer?

Yes, starting from version 2.3.1 of the UVPackmaster add-on you can solve this problem. You just need to extract the UVP engine package directly in the directory where the add-on was installed. This works because the add-on always checks its installation path when looking for a UVP engine as the option of last resort. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the UVPackmaster add-on with Blender on your removable drive (note this procedure works only with the add-on version 2.3.1 or later).

  2. Navigate to the path on your removable drive where the add-on was installed. The installation path depends on your Blender configuration, it will probably end with a directory hierarchy like: …/scripts/addons/uvpackmaster2 (in this directory you will find add-on Python files).

  3. Extract a UVP engine package in the add-on directory and rename the engine subdirectory after extraction to uvp. In result the engine uvpini file should be placed as follows: …/scripts/addons/uvpackmaster2/uvp/release-{VERSION}.uvpini.

  4. Run Blender installed on your removable drive and go to the UVPackmaster interface in the UV editor - you should see that the engine was automatically detected, without a need for manual path selection. It will be detected every time you run Blender, no matter what letter was assinged to the drive.

Warning: keep in mind that in such a setup, the engine package will be removed from the drive when you uninstall the add-on in Blender.

Last updated on 17 Dec 2019
Published on 17 Dec 2019