UVPackmaster 2

An efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine

UVP in Blender

UVPackmaster 2 is an efficient UV packing engine available as a command line tool. Its robustness comes not only from the fact that it was written in C++ and runs as a multi-threaded application - it also provides a packing algorithm for Cuda-enabled GPUs (what gives a significant boost). In fact, it can perform some packing operations on all devices simultaneously: CPU and all GPUs in the system.

You can purchase the engine at gumroad. It is available in two editions:

Continue reading to learn more about differences between editions.

The engine can be used together in Blender with the UVPackmaster add-on installed (for Blender 2.8x). IMPORTANT: in order to run the engine in Blender follow the setup guide. For a general discussion regarding UVP visit a thread on the Blender Artists forum.

Watch a video showing packer capabilities with Blender:

UDIM support and other new features:

User reviews

  • I bought the pro edition here a couple weeks back, and I have to say, it’s a brilliant add-on. It’s quick, easy to use, produces excellent results, and saves me from the freakishly boring exercise in tedium that is UV packing - Renzatic (source)

  • The best UV packer ever - Tosky (source)

  • Just tried it on a complex model I did last year with 3ds Max. Many curved shapes, many tiny islands. Back then UV packing was done with PolyUnwrap and lots of manual improvements. I don’t know any more how much time I spent on it but it must have been one or two hours at least - standard_owl (source)

Why is UVPackmaster worth buying?

UVPackmaster is probably the most efficient UV packer out there: it can pack a UV map consisting of 1000 islands in less than a second on 2-core i5 CPU. When the number of cores in your CPU grows, the packer is getting even faster, thanks to our sophisticated algorithm which always make use of all cores, no matter what the packing parameters are. And it was about packing on CPU only - note that with UVPackmaster you can also pack UVs on Cuda-enabled GPUs - then it totally outperforms all other packing solutions available.

Why is packing speed so important? Does it really matter whether a UV map is packed in 1 second or in 4 seconds? 4 seconds is not a long time to wait at all… The point is that in case of many UV maps a single packing run will give you a good result (with decent coverage), but it won’t be the most optimal one. In order to pack a UV map really densely, one needs to iterate the packing algorithm and look for the best result (so called heuristic search). This is the case when the time needed to perform a single packing iteration becomes crucial - the shorter the time of a single iteration, the faster the optimal solution is found.

This the main advantage UVPackmaster has over other packing solutions: other UV packers give you some result, but very often it is far from being optimal so manual improvements are still required. UVPackmaster, thanks to its robust heuristic algorithm, almost always gives you a result which doesn’t require any further tweaks. And it usually needs only a few seconds of iterating in order to produce it.

UVPackmaster, thanks to its efficiency, is able to perform a heuristic search really fast, even when packing on CPU only. But keep in mind that the plugin supports different packing devices. Not only CPU, but also Cuda-enabled GPUs. It can perform a heuristic search on all available packing devices simultaneously. If you have a GPU in your system the plugin will use it together with your CPU, so it will iterate much faster. If you have more GPUs, it will be even faster being able to perform thousands of iterations every second.

Keep in mind that efficiency is not the only advantage of UVPackmaster. Our fully-featured plugin also supports: locking overlapping islands, adding new islands to existing packing, island grouping, UDIM packing, packing for a texture of any ratio, packing with exact pixel margin, aligning islands of a similar shape, UV map validation and many other!

Free updates

By purchasing the UVPackmaster engine you get a lifetime license to use it. You also get access to all future updates of UVPackmaster 2 for free. We continuously work to improve the engine and you can expect a lot of great updates in the future. Read the release notes below to learn more about all improvements we incorporated into the product over the past months.

Packer editions

The packer is available in two editions: standard (with limited features) and professional (fully featured). The differences between editions are depicted in a table:

efficient UV packing algorithm
UV islands area measurement
overlapping UV islands detection
heuristic search algorithm
packing for a non-square texture
add new UV islands into existing packing
select/align UV islands of a similar shape
accurate pixel margin calculation
packing to a custom UV area rectangle
overlapping UV islands lock
grouping UV islands
UDIM support
advanced heuristic algorithm
UV map validation
defining rotation step on a per UV island basis
packing on GPU*
heuristic search on all devices simultaneously (CPU and all GPUs)*

* - available on Windows and Linux

The demo edition is available for free. It has all capabilities of the professional edition, but the packing result is rendered in a separate window - it is NOT applied to the UV map. You can download the demo from the Downloads page.

Packer options

For a detailed list of the options provided by the packer visit this page.

Upgrade note

If you already bought any UVPackmaster license (including UVPackmaster 1) and want to upgrade to a more expensive license, you only have to pay the difference between the new license price and the amount you originally paid. Send us an e-mail to glukoz@glukoz.dev with an update request and we will send you back a discount code.

Supported platforms

Platform Version Notes
Windows 64-bit Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable must be installed.
Linux 64-bit Distribution should satisfy VFXplatform CY2020 requirements. If you are not sure, simply download the demo version of the packer and verify whether packing works on your distribution.
Mac 64-bit
OS X 10.11 or higher
No specific requirements. Packing on GPU is not supported on Mac systems.

Release notes

Release 2.0.7
  • fix occasional packer crashes
  • tweak the UV validation feature
Release 2.1.0
  • add the Search On All Devices option
  • add the Pixel Margin option
  • add Mesh Parts and Object island grouping methods
  • bug fixes
Release 2.2.0
  • add the Packing Box option
  • add the Pack To UDIM Tiles grouping mode
  • add per-island rotation step
Release 2.2.5
  • add the Pack To Tiles (Fixed Scale) packing mode
  • add the Heuristic Search Time parameter
Release 2.2.6
  • improve result rendering in the demo version
  • bug fixes
Release 2.2.7
  • add the Pixel Padding option
Release 2.3.0
  • support Pack To Others with scaling
  • support packing to tiles with scaling
  • add manual grouping method
Release 2.3.1
  • hotfix for the Align Similar functionality
  • add buttons for moving the packing box to a neighbor tile
  • performance optimizatins for new modes
Release 2.3.2
  • new add-on operators: Split Overlapping Islands, Undo Island Split, Adjust Scale To Unselected
  • add an option to select/deselect all islands inside the packing box
  • add an option to move the packing box together with islands inside
  • clamp the packing box to tile boundaries during drawing
Release 2.3.5
  • improved operation status reporting
  • display the best result during a heuristic search in real time
  • add the Max Wait Time parameter
  • add different modes for the Lock Overlapping functionality
  • add Pack To Others and Fixed Scale support in the Groups To Tiles packing mode
  • add an option to select a pixel margin determination method
  • improve manual groups displaying
  • add an option to select/deselect all islands assigned to a given manual group
Last updated on 26 Oct 2019
Published on 26 Oct 2019

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