UVPackmaster 2

An efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine


Blender Plugin Troubleshooting:

I see an error when trying to activate the Blender add-on

Restart Blender once - it should fix the problem. Blender restart might be also needed after upgrading to a newer add-on version.

I restarted Blender, but the add-on still doesn't work

If you have antivirus software installed, check whether it is not blocking the packer binary from being run. (Some antivirus software is picky about an executable being called from a Python script, as it is the case with UVPackmaster - it is a false positive alert).

I don't see my GPU in the packing device list

Note the packer supports CUDA-enabled GPUs with compute capability 3.0 and higher. If you have such card and still don't see it in the packing device list, then installation of the newest GPU driver should solve the problem.

If you encounter any other issue with the product, contact us at glukoz@glukoz.dev.

Last updated on 26 Oct 2019
Published on 26 Oct 2019